The Future of Gardening

Having a home garden is the absolute best health choice you can make for your family.

Have you ever wanted a garden, but thought you couldn’t because your gardening skills are zero, you can’t even work an ice cream maker, or perhaps because you live in an apartment? Fear not! The most amazing garden system is available for anyone… It’s a tower garden!

It’s ridiculously simple to set up and operate, it’s able to grow up to 20 different fruit/vegetable/herb plants all year round; vertically and aeroponically (meaning mess-free, without soil). Using the same technology as NASA, the Tower Garden grows up to 30% more food, three times faster. Just weeks after planting the seeds, with the nutrient system provided, you can harvest your food from either your yard or your living room, the Tower Garden works everywhere!

During the winter, you can even grow your food using artificial sunlight; the stronger the UV, the faster your plants will grow. Using a timing system, your plants are given the perfect amount of water and sunshine. Not only that, but as opposed to traditional gardening, you don’t have to worry about pests and insects, and it even uses 90% less water. It’s like glamour gardening because you don’t even have to get dirty and dig in the soil.